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Johnson Aerial Productions


Welcome, and thanks for visiting our site.

Our goal is one of service, to help clients better tell the story they're trying to tell through aerial imagery, and/or capture their event from

a refreshing new perspective.

I am an FAA Licensed and fully insured Remote Pilot.

I've been working as a Professional Photographer and in the Film Industry since 1996 and been flying unmanned aircraft since 2008.  

The creative possibilities from the aerial point of view are endless, 

offering new ways to look at just about everything.

Your home for example, or the house you're building, or the lake

where you spend time, the event you're planning or the sports you play.


 We'd be honored to deliver stunning 4K footage and

aerial photography to any and all of those scenarios in your life.

We fly state of the art DJI Inspire 2 Professional Quadcopters

and look forward to the opportunity to help tell the stories you want heard

from a perspective that will get everyone's attention.

We look forward to hearing from you...

                                                                                                 Bobby Johnson

                                                                                                      Owner/Chief Pilot


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